Piso WiFi Pause Time, Login, Logout – Know All Features!

Connectivity has become a vital part of our lives in the digital age. An effective and reliable internet connection is essential for all purposes, whether it is for work, entertainment, or just keeping in touch with loved ones.

This need is particularly obvious in public areas where Wi-Fi networks are frequently sought after by users.

Piso Wi-Fi is a service that offers quick and inexpensive internet connectivity in public places, particularly in the Philippines is one such option that is growing in popularity.

In this, I will delve into the various features of Piso Wi-Fi, focusing on its Pause Time and Logout functionalities.

What do you mean by Piso Wi-Fi?

In the Philippines, Piso Wi-Fi is a well-known internet service provider that debuted in 2017 and soon rose to prominence.

Because Piso Wi-Fi is more affordable and user-friendly than other solutions, users choose it. Customers like it and find it to be highly user-friendly.

The Pause Time Feature in Piso Wi-Fi is one of the many functions that Piso Wi-Fi vendo offers.

One of the many services provided by Piso Wi-Fi is the pause option, which enables users to pause or end their internet connection while not in use.

Users can conserve money and bandwidth by using the Piso Wi-Fi pause feature (Pause Time Feature in Piso Wi-Fi).

What do you mean by Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time?

Users can interrupt their internet connection using the Piso Wi-Fi pause time app option. It can be applied to prevent data overuse.

The user does not have to pay for data consumption each time they disconnect when the time is paused. It is beneficial for switching off from the internet as well.

The length for which an internet connection on a Piso Wi-Fi network is momentarily suspended or paused is referred to as Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time.

A sort of public Wi-Fi service that charges a fee for internet access is called Piso Wi-Fi. The Piso Wi-Fi operator may regulate network usage and make sure that everyone gets a fair share of the available bandwidth thanks to the Pause Time feature.

One of the most popular IP addresses to use while getting into a router is

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the default IP access address differs based on the type of router being used and that the user can typically modify the default address.

The Wi-Fi wireless router’s private network login method is frequently obscured and challenging to find.

You can access the administration interface by going to Instead of trying to log in, see if you can access the router admin settings by following our instructions. If you have forgotten your login details, kindly refer to the label or instructions that came with your router.

What are the Benefits of Piso Wi-Fi?

The main benefits of Piso Wi-Fi pause time are as follows:

  • It enables users to pause their internet connection for a set period.
  • When people wish to avoid the internet, it is quite helpful for them.
  • aids users in money saving.
  • When there are many Wi-Fi connections, the internet speed decreases. The stop-time option is really helpful in this situation. It can be used by users to increase speed by keeping others from using it.
  • This function greatly aids in bandwidth conservation during server outages.

Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time App

To pause Piso Wi-Fi time, the Play Store offers a variety of programs. But doing it manually is advised. The manual method is a little more efficient because it stops other people from saving your data. Additionally, it doesn’t take up any space on your smartphone.

  • So, decide whether you want to use the official webpage or piso wifi pause time app.
  • You can do it through the official website by following these steps:
  • Search for in your browser or go directly to it by clicking on
  • After entering your login information, click “Sign In.”
  • Choose “pause time” from the menu.

That’s all there is. You can select a duration to periodically pause the time for a certain amount of time, at which point it will switch off on its own.

How To Pause Time in Piso Wi-Fi?

There are only two steps needed to pause the time.

  • Go to after starting any browser of your choice.
  • Click “pause time.”
  • You can touch on resume time whenever you want to resume your internet connection.

How Do Login into Piso Wi-Fi?

If you have a router at home, you might be able to use it. Here is how to access the Piso WiFi Zone. –

  1. Launch any browser and type into the search field to start a search.
  2. After you complete it, some outcomes will be displayed. Go to the official website.
  3. Now that the login screen is opened, type your username and password in.

You can enter the website’s address directly by typing http://10.0.01.

Your Wi-Fi network’s username and password are different here. The default credentials are if you haven’t updated them before:

Username: admin

Password = password (you can try some other default passwords if that doesn’t work, too).

Before doing anything else, it is strongly advised that you change your password if this is your first time signing in. It wouldn’t be wise to leave it in that condition.

What is the Username and Password?

Open your favorite web browser, and in the address bar, enter or You will be prompted to enter the admin username and password on the login screen.

Login Procedure of LPB Piso Wi-Fi

The process of logging into 10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time is straightforward, so anyone may complete it by carefully following the directions that are provided below.

  • You should choose your favorite web browser and type http://10.10 0.1 or 10.10 0.1 into the address bar.
  • A login page will have the fields for the username and password.
  • Use the default login and password if asked for an account name and password.
  • When the right password is entered and the login button is clicked, users are given access to the 10.10 0.1 Piso Wi-Fi admin panel.
  • The user can then customize the Wi-Fi settings, such as the LAN and WAN settings, password, username, and other factors, to their choice.

How to Change Piso Wi-Fi Network Password?

Anyone can use the services of the internet after logging in. As a result, the user must connect to the Piso Wi-Fi hotspot. By scanning the QR code located at 10.10 0.1 Piso wi-Fi LPB, the user can accomplish this.

You can either use Google to find a QR code or you can scan the Piso Wi-Fi QR code that is displayed on the Internet utility box.

Since it provides speedy access to the internet, scanning a QR code is an important step.

How to Enable Piso Wi-Fi Pause Time Feature in Easy Steps?

Get Access to the Piso Wi-Fi Admin Panel

You must utilize the IP address to access the Piso Wi-Fi admin panel to enable the Pause Time function (Pause Time function in Piso Wi-Fi). Utilize a LAN cable or Wi-Fi to connect your computer or laptop to the Piso Wi-Fi router. In the address bar of a web browser, type You will then be sent to the Piso Wi-Fi admin page.

Login to the Admin Panel

You must log in with your admin credentials once you are on the admin panel. Use the following credentials if you haven’t changed the default username and password: Login name: admin Username: admin

Visit Configuration Page

You will see the Piso WiFi dashboard after logging in. The configuration page can be accessed by clicking the Configuration tab.

Enable Pause Time Feature

You can choose from several Piso WiFi setting options on the configuration page. To enable the Pause Time option, locate it and check the box.

Set the Duration of Pause Time

After the suspend Time feature has been enabled (Pause Time Feature in Piso WiFi), you must specify the period for which users may suspend their internet connection. The duration can be chosen in either minutes or hours. Select the timeframe that works best for your business strategy.

Save the Settings

Click the Save button after adjusting the duration to save your changes. Your Piso Wi-Fi system’s Pause Time feature will be activated as a result.

Test the Feature of Pause Time

You can use a customer account or make a test account to test the Pause Time feature. Search for the Pause Time button after logging into the customer account. To halt the internet connection for a specific amount of time, click it and enter the time. Click the Pause button after entering the duration. The given amount of time will result in a pause in the internet connection.

Notable Considerations for Using Piso Wi-Fi

If you don’t understand how Piso Wifi operates, you won’t be able to maximize its use. Please read the following instructions to make the most of Piso Wifi.

The Piso WiFi network can only be accessed via the IP address

The Piso wifi pause time can be used to temporarily stop all data transfer on the network by using the IP address Thanks to this useful feature, users can no longer waste money on a service they won’t use.

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