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Welcome to 99 Tech Post, a digital marketing and technology blog where we cover the SEO, Digital marketing, Blogging, WordPress and Affiliate Marketing related topics.

99TechPost is looking for bloggers, digital marketers and webmasters who want to share their opinions with the world and increase their audience base by contributing a guest post to our blog.

If you are an SEO specialist or freelancer writer or digital marketing manager? Do you want to get the high quality contextual backlink from “99TechPost ” a digital marketing blog? We are offering an opportunity to write for us and submit content to our digital marketing blog.

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Why You Should Submit a Guest Post on 99 Tech Post?

We appreciate your effort for creating the quality content for our blog as guest author. In return, We market your article on our blog and share it on social media handles, So that you can reach to more audience who always ready to consume the best technology and digital marketing contents. You can write for us digital marketing, technology and business.

Website Stats & SEO Matrix

Google Analytics Traffic Report

  • Blog Traffic Monthly : 40 K+
  • Website DA: 31
  • Website Trust Flow: 30
  • Website Backlinks : 1k
  • Website PA: 43
  • Spam Score: 1

Guidelines for Digital Marketing Write For Us Guest Post

If you want to write for us our digital marketing and technology blog then please read the guest post guideline and create insightful article for our blog.

  1. Your article should be unique, error-free, insightful and plagiarism-free; also it is specifically written for 99techpost. Avoid the AI content writing tools for writing the content for our blog.
  2. You need to analyze our blog with awareness before pitching the guest post topic ideas, make sure that your shared idea’s should not be covered on my blog.  You should be aware of our editorial style and what kinds of content that we like to share on our blog.
  3. Content length should be minimum 700+ words and well SEO optimized.
  4. We will never accept copied content on our blog, so don’t share content with us that already published somewhere.
  5. Avoid to add spam or broken links in the guest post content.
  6. Check your content first – We prefer the Copyscape tool to find out the duplicate contents.
  7. Your content should be easy to understand and user-friendly.
  8. High quality featured image (1200*750) and 2 lightweight images will be provided from your end, also should be copyright free.
  9. We provide one link in the article body and other link in the author bio. Check out the Google webmaster guideline for high quality backlinks.
  10. We will have the right to edit your guest post content for grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  11. We take one business day to review the article, You will be informed if we will need your help to move forward.
  12. Meta title & description should be added in content doc . Meta tags would be helping to improve guest post ranking in SERP.
  13. You can feel free to share live content on social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Don’t share your guest post on low quality or spam sites.

Feel Free to Contact US IF You Have Any Questions.

Important: 99TechPost also allow “Sponsored Guest Post”  if you need fast publishing. Unlike the regular guest post, a sponsored guest post gets published within 1-2 days

What Digital Marketing Topics We Accept on 99 tech Post?

Following are the topics that we cover on our blog, So please review these topics and send guest post topic that are related to topic below.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Technology Tips
  • Information Technology
  • Technology for Business
  • Business
  • Digital Transformation
  • Running an online business
  • SEO – SEO Tools, Link Building, Keyword Research & Competitive Analysis
  • Google Tools – Google Analytics(GA4), Webmaster Search Console
  • Product Reviews
  • Pay For Performance SEO
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing – Content Creation, Blogger Outreach, Copywriting Tips
  • Web Designing & Web Application Development
  • WordPress – WordPress Page builder, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins
  • PPC – Pay-per-click, Google AdWords
  • Start-up Marketing
  • Digital Advertising 
  • Freelancing
  • Email Marketing 
  • SMB’s Enterprises
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Making Money Online
  • WordPress plugins, and WordPress themes, WordPress Page builder
  • App Development, Andriod apps, Iphone Apps

What “99 Tech Post” Don’t Publish

Following are some things that are not accepted by 99 Tech Post. You will need to keep these things in your mind while writing the content for our blog.

  • We hate the promotional content.
  • Content written by using the AI content writing tools not accepted on our blog.
  • We don’t accept such content that is written only for targeting the keyword in a guest post. For example – Digital Marketing Agency Florida, SEO Company in New York.
  • Low quality content with no proper Heading, Sub Heading, Bullet Points
  • Guest post content without images not accepted by us.

How Do I Submit a Guest Post or Contact to Editorial Team?

It’s very super simple to submit a guest post with us or write for us. Please analyze our blog first to know more about what contents we cover on our blog.  It will help you to choose the best guest post topic and content idea.

  • Firstly, send your pitch or guest post topics to – techmaya29@gmail.com
  • 99 Tech Post team will review your guest post topics and let you know about topic rejection or approval.
  • You can start to write the content with guest post guideline after topic approval from our end.
  • Submit your guest post content in a Word Doc, with image files as separate attachments as you are ready with a final version of the post.
  • Our editors will review guest post content and let you know about the content approval or rejection. So, follow the all guest post guideline properly.
  • We’ll create  your separate author bio page on our website. So you will need to provide the all details such as about the author, photo and social links, other details that are required to make your author profile complete.
  • We will schedule a date to publish your article after the article has been accepted for publication.

What are the Benefits to Submit Guest Post at 99 Tech Post?

Following are some advantages that you can get by publishing the guest post on our digital marketing blog. We appreciate your effort for creating the insightful article for our blog.

We make sure that your article will be shared on our social media handles and other platforms, so that you can reach to your relevant audience and drive the more leads through guest blogging.  

  1. Referral Traffic : Submit your guest post and get niche referral traffic from guest post. Our blog has good traffic from all sources such as Google, Bing and social media. You will also receive the most traffic if your post will be on the home page.
  2. Inbound Link: You get high quality contextual backlinks through guest blogging that really help to improve your ranking in SERP. Also, Google considers the backlinks from guest post as natural backlinks and you get the reward when Google releases core update.
  3. Life time Post: We make sure that your article will be permanent on our blog. Sometime, blog owners remove the guest post content from their blogs without letting you know. But, we are genuine guys will keep your guest post on our blog for life time.
  4. Sharing networking platform: Post would be shared on different networking platform to make your post more popular.
  5. Published Very Quickly:  We will not keep your article in pending for a long time, and take care your content and make it live if content is created as per our blog guideline. So please read blog guest post guideline and start to prepare the content accordingly.

How You Can Find US on Google : Guest Post Search Queries?

I know that finding the high quality guest post sites is not easy thing. But, you can find 99TechPost by searching some guest post search queries on Google.

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  • Web design + “write for us”
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  • SEO contribute a guest post
  • Ecommerce marketing “write for us”

99techPost is on top in SERP for these guest post search queries. You can suggest our blog to your friends through brand name and search queries.. Contact us – Write for US .

FAQ’s: Guest Posting & Blogger Outreach

Will Backlinks Provided by You be Permanent?

Yes, Backlink that provided by us will be permanent. You should also make sure to site owner that link will permanently or not when you send the guest post inquiry email to them.

By the way, bloggers always mention all things about guest blogging in your blog guideline. So you need to read to blog guest post submission guideline before sending a guest post proposal to them, then start to write a guest posting content.

Is Guest Blogging Still Effective Off-page SEO Technique?

Guest blogging is one of the effective technique for improving the ranking. I have been using this technique for my bog and getting the better search engine ranking. So you should keep guest blogging on first priority when you make the SEO plan for your website.

Guest posting  off page SEO technique is not only known for creating quality backlinks, but also used for growing the organic traffic to your blog. Finding the high traffic and authority blogs can be a tricky task for you. I have mentioned some guest post search queries that will help you to find the niche and high quality blogs where you can easily contribute a guest post for better digital exposure.

Does Guest blogging Help to Create the Contextual Backlink?

Contextual link is clickable text that is surrounded by text in the body of content. Getting the contextual link is not the easiest thing with other Off page SEO technique but, with guest posting I make sure that you will get the contextual link from our blog.

Contextual links play very crucial role when Google launches the any update to improve the search engine result quality. These contextual links tell to crawlers about the target keywords for particular pages. But now these days, Google is giving more importance to anchor text diversity, that’s mean, You should not use the same anchor text for many time to rank the keywords.

Can I get Dofollow Backlinks from Guest Posting?

Yes, If you are actively looking to build the Dofollow link then you should choose the guest blogging off page SEO techniques as It is being used by the top marketer and blogger for better SEO result. I always put it on first priority for creating the quality links. I know that guest blogging is not a simple process to proceed.

Does Guest Posting Help to Drive the Traffic to your Blog?

Really, guest posting can work for you if you want to drive more traffic to your bog. But your thinking is only to get the backlink through guest blogging with poor content then it won’t work for you to drive the traffic. You will need to prepare the quality and lengthily content for sending the most traffic to your blog.

Why You Should Avoid to Use Copied Content for Guest Blogging?

As you know that content is considered king in SEO. Despite this, If you use the copied content for guest blogging and try to earn the link from unethical way, then you are doing big mistake that can demolish your website ranking in SERP.

One more thing is that Google crawler has also stopped indexing the copied content that’s written by you for guest posting and getting the link from third party blogs. That’s why, we use the unique and informative content for guest blogging, by this way, you can improve your relationship with bloggers.

Is Guest Blogging Link Spam Free Link?

Getting spam free link is not super simple for those who don’t have idea’s to understand the back link quality, which link will work or not. But I have been using this guest posting technique for 3 year and it is still helping me to earn the contextual and spam free backlink.

So I make sure that link earned by you through guest posting will be beneficial for creating quality link and improve your website ranking in SERP.  

Should I Use Blogger Outreach Tools for Guest Blogging?

It’s depends on your guest blogging budget. If you are bind with SEO budget, then I will not suggest you blogger outreach tools as most of tools charge for their services. But, by using these tools, you can make your guest blogging task trouble-free.

They will provide you a list of the bloggers with complete details such as guest post publication charges, blog, SEO matrix and website traffic. Each guest post tool has own dashboard to manage all activities that occur between the publisher and clients.

If you are the client and you have subscription of any blogger outreach tools, then you have saved your 30% time of pitching the bloggers and take approval for guest post topics.

Why You Should Create Long Form of Content Rather Than Short Contents ?

Long form content is generally more engaging than short posts. We know that Longer posts can take more time and effort to create, but the payoff from guest posting is bigger. The audience always appreciates a well-written content through which they can learn more important things that shared by you. Not just users, Google also give the reward to long form content.

What Word Count I use for Guest Posts?

Your guest post will only be considered good if it is on-topic, relevant and informative. The length of the guest post content depends on the target audience, industries and your goals.

We have analyzed the many blogs guest post guideline and what word count for guest post they accept on their blogs. Usually, they mentioned the 1500 to 2000 words in their guideline. This is because mostly the relent information gets covered between this word count. However, it can go up to 2500 words if you are writing folks.

Should I Accept A Guest Post on My Blog?

Yes, you should accept the guest post because it will help you grow your website traffic and help to rank high on Google effortlessly.

When guest bloggers post their content on your blog, your blog automatically gets promoted, which benefits you. Guest posting can bring many more quality links for your website.

Getting the quality backlinks is possible if guest bloggers provide you quality content for your audience as useful content ranks high automatically in Google, then other bloggers and marketers start to share and add guest post link to their post as reference.