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Whenever I have to create a presentation, the first thing that comes to my mind is what the presentation will be about and how I will execute it. Not just that, but there are several other questions, such as how you can make it available to a broader audience. The only solution to this problem is free PPT Submission sites.  

It will help solve the queries that are so popular to increase the visibility of a website. Moreover, it conveniently transfers the content among different devices. Here, we have mentioned a few pointers on how you can improve the growth of your business and its visibility with free PPT Submission Sites.

Importance of PPT Submissions

The prominent popularity of PPT Submission is hugely beneficial if you want to improve your website’s performance. It is the best method for sharing high-quality content, roping the high-quality traffic to the website in an organized way and also help to create the high authority backlinks for your website.

It is the best way to get potential customers who want to know your services or products in detail. In addition, it helps in improving the website ranking with the help of desired keywords.

You may have found several ways to promote the business, but I believe that this Free PPT Submission Site is the best option you can ever find. Free High DA PPT uploading sites offers me high-quality organic traffic.

What are the Advantages of PPT Submission in SEO?

Most people nowadays prefer to see visual content. Even though I do not like reading lengthy content. PPT makes it easier for the user to understand the content, which results in the following advantages.

  • Drives more and more traffic to your website
  • Helps in boosting the position that is relevant to the keywords that are available in the web searches.
  • Increase the visibility of your website in search engines.
  • Best for trade show presentation
  • Create customized graphics that makes it so much more engaging and appealing.

How to Create a PPT File?

After learning about the benefits, you may want to create a PPT file to submit on these sites. But how would you create it? Do you know how to do it? If you do not, then don’t worry because here I am going to tell you the complete steps on which you can create one.

  • Write better content than the text box requirement and ensure you provide maximum quality, information, and engagement.
  • Never forget to add the essential keyword related to the content.
  • Add images if necessary, but ensure they will be related to the topic of the PPT.
  • Ensure smooth working of the PPT and animation effect is well managed. You need to make things better.
  • You need to run your PPT first to check whether it is working correctly or not.   

Top Free PPT Sharing Sites List – 2023

Here are the free PPT Submission Sites where you can submit your PPT.

Top Free PPT & Doc Sharing Sites – 2023

If you look forward to enhancing your business and making the best out of it, it is important to present yourself in the right direction. And for that, PPT submission sites are a great choice. I personally believe that PPT submission sites have made the business grow exponentially. It has been quite beneficial for many other business owners and me. You will find several PPT submission sites which you can access at your convenience. So have a look and find out.

What is PPT submission?

PPT submission is a process in which PPT files are submitted to a third party to enhance the visibility of PowerPoint presentations. It is an off-page SEO activity that can make your brand more aware. Trust me; the PPT submission sites are excellent choices to boost the visibility of your PPT. There are multiple features available in the PPT sites which you can access to make the presentation fresh and unique.

What are the Perks of PPT Submission Sites?

Well, PPT submission sites come with many advantages, and here I am sharing some of the perks I received by using the PPT submission sites for my presentation.

  • It enhances online visibility and optimizes the major search engine.
  • It helps in generating effective leads
  • Boosts the web traffic with the help of genuine backlinks
  • Make sure that the presentation is fresh and of high quality
  • You can even share the presentation on multiple social media platforms
  • The PPT can easily be converted into video files which you can upload on YouTube to increase the awareness of your business.

How can You Perform on the PPT Submission Website?

You know what, earlier I was so confused because I had no idea how to start the PPT submission sites, but today you do not have to juggle with it as I’ll let you know where you should begin with-

  1. Build a strong presentation

Firstly take advantage of free PPT submission sites and make an excellent presentation. You can consider some of the following factors while creating the PPT-

  • Attractive template design
  • Graphic Designing
  • Visual enhancement
  • Content writing
  • Animations
  • Custom graphics

Along with this, you should create content that is relevant to your business niche.

2. Select the Right PPT Submission Sites

You will find multiple PPT submission sites that will help you generate traffic and make your PPT more visible and accurate. However, there are certain factors that you should look at while choosing the PPT submission sites.

  • Single-digit Alexa ranking
  • High domain authority score
  • High page authority score

These three factors will help you get good ratings on your PPT and ensure you reach the maximum number of users.

3. Provide the Required Details

After preparing the presentation, the next thing you need to do is register yourself at the PPT submission sites. Enter all the required details about you and your field. Also, add some references about the business.

List of Best PPT Submission Websites 2023

1. Slideshare

Slideshare is a top PPT submission website with the highest domain authority of 95. It is one of the most popular websites for sharing PowerPoint presentations. If any serious website owner is willing to use PPT files for SEO and wants to make their brand more visible, then using Slideshare is great.

2. Slideserve

 Slideserve is a popular PPT Submission Website that comes with the highest Page Rank (PR). This PPT Submission Website homepage is in the 66th position out of the 100-page authority score. The plus part is that if a user gets the slideshow feature, then this can help you in transferring the page rank to the user’s page and the presentation file.

3. Microsoft sway

Microsoft sway is another PPT Submission Website where you can build sway files of the PowerPoint presentation that you have made. You just need to convert the PPT files into the stay backlinks. The hyperlinks present in the PPT Sway files are dofollow, which can be crawled easily.

4. Google Drive

Next, we have on the best PPT Submission Websites list is Google Drive. This platform is used to share PPT files. Although many of us don’t think of Google as a PPT Submission Website, you can still upload the PPT files and give the public access. This way, it can easily be crawled to the Google search engine.

5. Author Stream

AuthorSTREAM is the oldest PPT Submission Website. It was founded in 2007 when people’s lives had become so much simpler. This is because they could create a PowerPoint presentation and share it with the target audience.  

6. Slides

Slides are a free PPT Submission Website that creates PPT by following the Backlinks. You just need to import the PPT files into the slides and convert them into the slides deck. Now the user’s profile includes the dofollow links. However, you can only create and share the PPT files through your paid plan.

Free High DA PPT Submission Sites List – 2023 – Updated

Sr. No.PPT Submission SiteDA

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The Final Words

Choosing the best site for submitting PPT is difficult; I always get confused while finding the one. But you have several options; you should research it properly and then choose the one which is right for you.

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