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Welcome to 99 tech post..

99 tech post is the leading technology and digital marketing blog that offer the latest information to users and help them in learning technology, SEO and digital marketing.

Recently we have started to accept the guest post on our technology blog. We invite the technology blogger, content writer, digital marketer and seo expert as guest blogger to write for us on technology. They are free to share their any ideas on 99 tech post. so that user can learn some new things form our technology blog.

One important thing that guest blogger will have to keep in your mind that content that you will provide us for guest posting should be well researched, grammar mistake free. Keep in mind that Good content will rank in Google early and you can get good traffic from here.

Important : You will have to wait for some days after submitting the guest post content as we receive the more and more guest blogging request. We will let you know status of your guest post. Contact us for guest blogging.

What Content, You can offer us

Following are some categories for which, you can send us guest post article.

  • Digital Marketing
  • Technology tips
  • Technology blog
  • Mobile technology
  • Gadget
  • Game
  • Web development
  • Business
  • technology business
  • information technology
  • PPC
  • Website Analytics
  • Website Design
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Online Innovation
  • Start-up Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Blogging
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Anything that is related to digital marketing
  • What new and existing about Google search engine
  • Anything about recent Google update
  • Trending digital marketing and bloggers
  • Make Money Online
  • Social Media Marking
  • Web Hosing

Guidelines for Technology Blog Write for Us Guest Post

  • Read our technology blog guest post guideline before to submit the content.
  • First send your guest blogging ideas to us, so that you can get approval to write for us.
  • Content that you will provide us for guest posting should be grammatical mistake free also informative, unique, interactive, non promotional and written in good manner.
  • Create the unique and effective content by using catchy heading, dot point, sub-heading and short paragraphs.
  • Promotion content won’t be accepted on 99 Tech Post. You can feel Free to submit the product review. Our write the review for your products and submit it.
  • Content length is important thing as SEO point of view. So, your content should be 700+ words.
  • We need 3 or 4 relevant images for your guest post. We can make it more natural. Please send only light weight and free images.
  • Duplicate and spinning articles won’t be accepted on 99 tech post. Please read the Google webmaster Guideline.
  • Your article will be passed though Copyscape tool. Rejected when we found copied.
  • How we can believe on you that you are the good guest blogger. So please share your links of previous guest post submitted by you.
  • You can add one link on brand name in author bio. Some authority links also accepted to make article more natural.

What are the Benefits of Submitting Guest Posnt on 99 Tech Post – Technology Blog?

Help in promoting your business:

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to promote the business online. So write for us for our technology blog and drive the more traffic to your website.

Social media sharing:

We have good followers on social media platform. Your guest blogging link will be shared here to improve your brand awareness. So start write for us on technology and digital marketing.

Natural link in your back link Profile;

I think, guest posting is the unique and effective technique to get the natural back link. Some technology bloggers and SEO expert demand for money to offer the link. Don’t forgot to add the author bio in gust post content as it will show that who is behind for this great stuff.

Life time link:

Your guest post and Backlink will be live on our technology blog for life time. Your link can be removed when you are sharing the guest post link on bad or irrelevant sites.

How You can Make Connection with us?

You can contact us directly through contact US page. You can find us online by using the following guest posting search queries.

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Guest Post Article Selected for Submission:

Selected for submission is great sound for technology blogger from site webmaster.  Your content should be checked by our editor team and will let you know if they need any changes in content. Please get back to us fast when we send you article for changes.

There are some high authorities blogs pay to guest blogger for write for them. But this type plan is not available on 99 tech post.

After review, guest post publishing date will be shared with you and send you live link as published.

How to Get Started?

If your article is ready with our above mentioned guest post guideline then

Please sends your guest post article on our email id: techmaya29@gmail.com. Please let me know if you need more information.

Guest Posting to Technology Blog FAQ

Following are some FAQ that can help you to learn more about the Guest blogging.

Does Guest Posting Help to Create Contextual link for Your Website?

Really, Guest blogging helps to build the quality Dofollow link for your blog. Now these day, Digital market and bloggers are using this off page SEO technique to get early good result on search engine for keyword . I have been using gust blogging since 2015 and getting batter search engine ranking.

Is Guest Posting Effective Technique for SEO Ranking?

Yes, Guest blogging can be effective technique to improve the website ranking. But, each blogs have their guideline for creating the content of guest post, You have to keep the blog guideline in your mind when you write for any blog.

They will publish your article on their blog if your article is good fit to their blog. So use guest blogging technique and improve your digital presence.

Does Guest Blogging Help to Drive more Traffic to Your blog?

Guest blogging is also considered a effective SEO technique to drive the traffic to your blog. But, important thing is that how you will drive the traffic to your blog through guest blogging.

Many time, People think that they are writing for other blogs, in this case, People don’t think more about the keyword and topic research, and start to write the content on general topic.

I would like to tell you that it won’t work for you and site owner if you are looking for traffic.  So firstly search the keywords with good searches and low computation that can be ranked easily in SERP by optimizing the meta tag only.

Why Marketing Expert Prefer Guest blogging for Better SEO Result and Traffic?

There are many reasons for giving more importance to guest posting for better SEO result. First thing I like about guest posting is contextual link from article body as people know that value of contextual link for ranking and referral traffic.

Guest blogging is the process of content publication on other blogs to earn the quality backlinks. In this technique, you should have knowledge of pitching to bloggers for guest blogging and how you can get approval for your suggested topic. So that. they can give opportunity you to write for them.

How Can I Make Money With Guest Posting?

Undoubtedly, guest posting is a great way to make income; one can easily make significant money from guest posting using: PPM ads, PPC ads, Sell Ad space privately, Selling sponsored guest post space, and offering sponsored reviews. I also earn money using such ways.